Duplicity is a very nice tool for efficient and encrypted backups (http://duplicity.nongnu.org/). It is provided by debian repos but in a slightly old version. Due to some conflicts with python 2.7 I needed to have the latest version. Since duplicity is a python project supplying a setup.py, creating a debian deb package is very easy.

Install requirements:

aptitude install python-all-dev python-stdeb python-dev

Download Sources (look for latest sources)

wget http://code.launchpad.net/duplicity/0.6-series/0.6.24/+download/duplicity-0.6.24.tar.gz

Build debian deb package

cd duplicity-0.6.24
python setup.py --command-packages=stdeb.command bdist_deb

Check results in deb_dist subdir.


You may face an issue where executing duplicity installed from the created deb package results in import errors stating that the lockfile module is not available for import. Install this missing requirement by:

aptitude install python-lockfile

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