I sometimes want to copy and paste content from the web which is styled in a proper way for the website but maybe not for the destination I want to paste it to. Imagine a Numbers table where you collect TV models and some information around them to make some kind of comparison. Normal paste usually brings the source text style into your document. You can circumvent this per default with  ⇧⌥⌘V. This breaks my fingers. An easier solution can be the following to configure ⌘V not to take the text style with it on paste for the hole system or specific applications:

  • Open ‚System Preferences‘
  • Select ‚Keyboard‘
  • Select tab ‚Keyboard Shortcuts‘
  • Select ‚Application Shortcuts‘ from the left listbox
  • Click ‚+‘ below right listbox
  • Select ‚All Applications‘ for ‚Application‘ or a specific one
  • Input box Type ‚Paste and Match Style‘ (or ‚Einsetzen und Stil anpassen‘ in german) into the ‚Menu Title‘ input box
  • add ⌘V in the ‚Keyboard Shortcut‘ input box

That’s it. It should work instantaneously.

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