A nodejs based computation service which adds a lot more abstraction of computation from resources than ec2 does.

AWS recently released it’s barely new CloudWatch feature for log analysis in eu-west-1 and us-west-1. It was started in us-east-1 first and got a rollout over to ireland yesterday. After installation and configuration of a small daemon called awslogs, instance logs appear in…

See what configuration is being used by python boto

Sometimes it seems to be nice to install ruby gems only in users home instead of system-wide, even if this is configured to be in the rubyrc config. Check your configuration: gem env Install a gem in user home: gem…

Creation of customized Amazon Cloud Images made fast and easy!

Some useful commands for git

Building debian deb packages from python setup.py project sources shown with duplicity as example.

If you need to install a specified version of a python module, you can use the following command to determine which versions are available (with ipython as example): pip install –no-deps –no-install ipython -v Installing is very simple. Just do…

Sounds strange but I needed to find all specific files on all reachable clients in Active Directory domain, created in the last seven days.

There are plenty of plugins for elasticsearch to enable authentication for HTTP API. All of them seem to be a bit beta.